Wednesday, December 17, 2014

FInal Exam Slides

A quick note on clues in the stories: some of the discussions in office hours yesterday were about tweaking good clues so that they held up better against counter interpretations.  For example, a detective says, "we know you lied about going to the zoo because it was 15 degrees F that day and your friend Mike says you'd forgotten your winter coat at his house."  The counter interpretation is "well I have more than one winter coat" or "I borrowed my brother Jim's coat that afternoon."  You can deal with this by keeping the evidence circumstantial, so that it works but only with other clues ("the security camera at the zoo entrance didn't have you on it that day"), or you can make the clue more specific ("you said you wore your fur coat, but your friend Mike says you'd forgotten your fur coat when you'd passed out at his party the night before").  The more precise clue doesn't have to be foolproof, but it can help differentiate between the explanation you want and others that are possible.

The exam slides from Thursday are below.

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