Thursday, November 16, 2006

Party Time!...don't get too excited

As you all know we were required to attend some sort of function and observe the actions of those around us. What first appeared to be an interesting “assignment” quickly became just another party, as I didn’t observe anything out of the ordinary. By out of the ordinary I mean I didn’t see anyone carry themselves with class or dignity, or anything for that matter other than with the air of belligerence fueled by the copious amounts of alcohol circulating through their bloodstream. Most of the people in attendance did not appear to be in a state of mind capable of making premeditated decisions. This made my analysis of their actions difficult to judge. I did notice the typical pattern of male aggression and competition. One girl would be situated in the room completely encircled by four or five guys vying for her attention. This seemed to please her rather than discourage her. Philip Marlowe and Eileen Wade kept popping into my head as the evening unfolded. Each woman at the party regardless of hair color, or even attractiveness for that matter, seemed to be hypnotizing the men with super blonde-like powers. I wish I had observed some extremely deviant or suspicious behavior that I could report to the class, but in fact my evening was relatively uneventful. Did anyone else see anything exciting or interesting they would like to share?

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