Thursday, November 16, 2006

Like Eric, I didn't notice anything unusual this weekend either. On Thursday night I saw 2 young people humping one another against the side of a house and a friend of mine (as Liz mentioned in her post) was arrested and lost his drivers license for a year. When I woke up on Friday morning and came downstairs, I noticed that a construction sawhorse covered in magic-marker profanity had been set atop my kitchen table (a roomate of mine tends to drag in road cones and such when she drinks and put them on the breakfast table). On Friday night, at a house party, this same roomate bit my earring out of my ear when she was (I assume) trying to be playful (we found the earring on a staircase the next morning). On Saturday night I went to a friend's birthday party; the house was crowded, so I hung out in the backyard with a dozen or so of my friends. We stood around, talked, and horsed around for a couple of hours--no gyrating, no smoking, and no hard alcohol. Under these conditions, Isla Vistans seem to think that they can't have fun. But, ironically, Saturday night was my favorite night of the weekend.

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esbar said...

I agree that ironically, sans hard alcohol and "wastedness" saturday was my favorite night of the weekend as fact almost of the whole quarter.