Monday, January 04, 2016

Their Pain is what got us here in the first place: that's what I learned from my troll

Here are a few items related to our Detective Fiction themes to kick off the new round on this course:

  • Free-floating hate: Jezebel and now GQ writer Lindy West talking about being massively and constantly trolled, and what happens when your troll has a change of heart and takes you inside the trolling mind.  This is a rebroadcasted segment on the always excellent This American Life (first from January 2015). 
  • Sexual assault: Propublica did a detailed investigation of an 18 year old woman who accused someone of rape, and then recanted, and then . . . 
  • World War on Drugs. From close to home, "Devils, Deals and the DEA."  A must for Chapo Guzman buffs.
Welcome back to the class where there's no clear boundary between fiction and truth

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