Wednesday, April 18, 2007

VT Killer Not a Vet, Just an English Major

The media is being brilliant as usual: "Cho Seung-Hui Penned Violent Plays: 'Richard McBeef' & 'Mr. Brownstone.'" Thanks. That explains it. He was angry and troubled. He was a loner. I would rather have Dick Cheney give me a nose job than have the media explain my psyche. I'd learn more from listening to Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" and P.O.D's "Youth of the Nation," which in fact I just did.

None of this - or the stupid references to "resident alien" - gets even close to the simple fact about this guy's kill kill kill. Most people could point a gun at a tree 33 times. They couldn't fire at 33 ducks, or kill 33 gophers. They couldn't throw 33 rocks into a pond. How exactly do you kill, one, then another person, and another and another, and get to 33??

Who's cracking next? Where are his guns?

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Stevi said...

Hey Prof. Newfield. I was in your Engl. 193 course fall quarter and after I heard about the shooting at Virgina Tech, I wondered if you had a. kept up your Crime (b)Log and b. blogged about the incident.

As I'm sure you've heard in recent news, Cho had prepared a package to send to NBC after the first shooting, which is how he filled the two hours between the first and second rounds of shots.

Also, I found an alleged copy of one of his plays at The Smoking Gun. Is it odd that I don't find the content that disturbing? I'm more disturbed at the quality of the writing (for a college senior?) than the content: