Friday, December 08, 2006

Outline FROM HELL (sorry, I want to be able to distinguish mine)

I'll do a summary of each part as I planned it, it's flawed, but I have confidence in it.

1. Waste disposal worker finds the body in the Berkeley Marina.

2. Our heroes are introduced, Adam and Oliver, UCB students and roommates who happen by the marina on their jog. They notice the police cars and the forensic teams, Adam decides there is a corpse involved. He runs off to their apartment to get Oliver's press pass for the Daily Cal newspaper.

3. Told from the point of view of the officer keeping people out of the crime scene. Adam attempts to gain access to the crime scene with Oliver's press pass. The officer turns him away because a) they're not letting in press and b) he notices that the pass is quite obviously not his.

4. Oliver criticizes Adam for making such a lame attempt to the scene, Adam confesses he was just trying to get a good look at what was going on and has already identified the body as a member of the Board of Directors for UCB, (Adam once tried to confront the man about changing the premed program). Adam takes steps to inform the police, who are attempting to ID the body from dental records, as no ID was found on the body.
The man was never reported missing, despite being gone for three days.

5. Adam follows the case, reading what he can from the newspaper and interviewing the people in the victim's life that the police may be ignoring for unknown reasons (the police only having interviewed his wife and other members of the board). He interviews the victim's Personal Assistant, who, thinking that Adam is a reporter,
gladly divulges the fact that not only had the victim been a frequenter of strip clubs (despite being married) he'd been thrown out of most of them permanently because of his conduct with the employees. He also tells Adam that the victim had a mistress and gives him her number.

At some point in the story: Oliver confronts Adam about his using Oliver's press pass and how the officer called the Daily Cal and got Oliver fired. He asks why Adam is trying to solve the case. Adam confesses that he doesn't know.

7. Adam interviews the mistress. She has three kids, 13 (girl), 8 (girl, has a cast on her arm) and 6 months, (boy). She says that the victim hadn't come to her house before he died, but the approximate night of his death, but she confesses she doesn't remember much about that night. The girls confirm this. She has fingernail marks on her wrists and the inside of her palms. Adam takes these as signs of abuse. He also notices the many empty bottles in her recycling.

8. Written from the point of view of the mistress: She goes to find her daughter's vicodin for the broken arm, and notices that it's almost empty. She tries to remember how many she's already given her daughter, wonders if maybe she'd taken them instead. The thirteen year old says she accidentally spilled them down the sink. When asked if she remembers anything about that night, she says no, and repeats that the victim was never there.

9. Adam talks to the eight year old, she tells him how she broke her arm, also reveals that when the victim would come over, the kids would usually go to their grandma's in Oakland, but they hadn't for the past week.

10. briefly POV of mistress: She begins to remember small details about the night.

11. Adam somehow makes the connections (working on that part) and rushes back to the woman's house...

I know the rest, but I ain't tellin' you.

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