Friday, December 02, 2016

Corrected Slide for Final Exam Part III

Note that the course texts generally diagnose the cause rather than offering.  An example: you might focus on noir cause 5, monopoly capitalism.  You could use Chinatown as the work that offers the example. The example itself could be the mogul Noah Cross's ability to crush Jake Gittes' plan to get Evelyn Mulwray out of the country with her daughter, largely by controlling water, getting hugely rich, and then having the power to do what he wants with everybody.  The solution? It's not explicit in the film, which ends badly. But the solution is implicit in the film: Jake wouldn't have gotten Evelyn killed if he hadn't tried to make a deal with Cross, and he wouldn't have tried to make a deal if he had stayed focused on Cross's status as a mogul who could crush him. Lecture argued that Jake doesn't stay focused on this because his aspirations as a middle class professional make him want to see himself as everybody's equal, when in fact the monopoly capitalism framework prevents that.  In this example, the proposed solution is that Jake would recognize that "middle class" doesn't beat mogul, so he would therefore [give example of a concrete action he would take].