Wednesday, December 06, 2006

beginning outline for "Sex and St. Francis"

A fetus is found in the bathroom at the all girls high school, St. Francis a Catholic school for raising up lovely ladies ready to enter their world...with a scandal? I try to figure out as the school recovers from the shock, just who was pregnant and who might till be in trouble.
1) a baby is found in the bathroom at my high school-therefore, a baby was probably delivered there.
2) it's near impossible to get on to our campus, you need a parking pass, or student ID to open the iron gates surrounding the campus, whether you are a student or a teacher-therefore the mother is probably a student(just statistically, there are 700 girls!)
3) My sister saw the fetus bundle carried out by our male Vice Principal, it was only slightly bigger than his hand, making it 8-10 inches.
4) An 8-10 inch fetus is 24 weeks old, making the conception 6 months before the fetus was found.
5) The girlwho delivered the fetus is probably embarrassed, scared, ashamed, sore, feeling guilty etc.- therefore the girl who delivered a fetus will probably not come to school the next day.
So I'm going to watch to see who doesn't come to school then continue my investigation from then on to find out which of my classmates got pregnant. Because she probably isn't in the hospital, where she needs to be to prevention infection, or worse...
The rest will be revealed in the final story.

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Chris Newfield said...

Hi Megan this is an intriguing but sketchy set up. the crime is an abortion conducted in a girls-school bathroom without medical supervision? Or are we supposed to think it was an accidental childbirth? Is the point of the clues to figure out whether it was a delivery or abortion, and then figure out the identity of the mother??