Thursday, November 02, 2006

So I was browsing Yahoo News, desperately searching for something thought-provoking or interesting enough that I can bullshit a blog on intelligently discuss with mindblowing insightfulness, when I happened to stumble upon an article portraying the sickening extent of human degradation:

"Jolie, Pitt face al-Qaeda threat

The couple have been in India filming A Mighty Heart, a biopic on the life of slain journalist Daniel Peal that Jolie stars in and Pitt is producing.

On Thursday, Intelligence Bureau sources in New Dehli said that Brangelina have been provided with Y category security due to threats to their lives from al-Qaeda.

British security experts were flown to Pune earlier this week and local police have been informed about the threat perception as the film is based on Pearl, who was assassinated by al-Qaeda militants in Pakistan after being abducted on January 23, 2002 while working on a story on Islamic militancy. Jolie plays the role of Mariane, the widow of Pearl."

Copy and pasted from (a very reliable news source... and totally not a site about celebrity gossip.), source:

I mean, to rape your mother or cannibalize your girlfriend is one thing, but to threaten the very foundation the world is built on is truly nauseating. Does Al-Qaeda honestly have no sense of shame? Or not know how baby-eatingly fabulous these two were in Mr. and Ms. Smith? Wasn't 9-11 enough? Now they have to attack the leaders of America, the apex of human perfection, the pillars of moral righteousness? For shame, Al-Qaeda! Attacking America and its ideals of liberty, justice, and freedom is understandable, since all that jazz is abstract and hence insignificant in the eyes of anyone that matters (I, of course, am talking about myself.) But now- I finally see that our war on terrorism is worth the sacrifices.

We must be bold and defend our beliefs. We must stand strong in the face of depravity. We must finally proclaim, "Enough is enough!" No more, Al-Qaeda. You've finally gone to far. I love you, Brangelina (your baby is so cute!!!!!)!

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