Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Roman Polanski

Alright I know we were supposed to post about something we observed this weekend whilst out and about. Well, I observed a lot of careless college revelry-but nothing horribly malevolent, just naive rebelliousness/silliness/awkward debauchery. What is extremely disturbing is that in the midst of all this blithe frolicking, there are disturbed individuals ready to take their advantage where they can.
I know I sound like a paranoid schizophrenic here, but watching Chinatown in class made me think of its director Roman Polanski, and his awful association with the Manson family murders. Polanski's wife Susan Tate and her friends were brutally murdered in their home while Polanski was away on business. Tate was not herself targeted specifically nor was the target Polanski himself, in fact there was really no reason, sense or provocation to the horrific crime. Chinatown was made 5 years after this murder. Frankly, this knowledge makes me question why the movies wasn't MORE fatalistic and noir.
I just read a long recounting of the murders - 82k - I know this isn't the war "coming home" and is a shock-value type crime, but in light of Polanski's firsthand experience with the horror, his film is understandably an unresolved noir tribute, yet I only wonder why it isn't more upsetting.
Anyway, I know I have digressed on the blog but I was watching the sound of music with the roomies while reading about the manson murders and needed an outlet ( I didn't want to spoil the fairy tale-haha!)


linztastic said...

She seriously would not stop talking about cutting out eyeballs and fingers and smearing stuff on the walls, all during the scenes where the austrian family sings cute nationalistic songs. what is wrong with the world? And why wasn't the movie more fatalistic and noir? The worst we really see is an eyeball shot out and a nose being cut. Me and Megan were talking about how disturbing Chinatown was until we looked at it in light of the Manson murders. Then we just watched the Sound of Music.

Chris Newfield said...
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Chris Newfield said...

you two should always blog together - you're very very funny