Thursday, November 16, 2006

Isla Vista Observations

So unfortunately I didn't observe any major instances of Isla Vista debauchery this weekend, although I'm sure there was plenty of it happening elsewhere. I did, however, catch a snippet of an inebriated conversation as I was walking home on Thursday night: right as I was about to pass Freebirds (a hotbed of intellectual conversation, especially on a Thursday at midnight), I walked past two girls who were clearly a bit buzzed. They walked arm in arm, either as a safeguard from the cold or as a tool to keep them walking straight, and I overheard them talking about the profound nature of psychological behavior in very hushed, serious tones.

"Some girls are just... they're just bad apples. They're just bad. They're rotten."
"Yeah? That's true..."
"Don't be an apple. That's it. DON'T be an apple."

Words to live by, folks.


mira said...

A phenomenon that I notice often in drunken Isla Vista is "Street Singing." After a couple of drinks, everyone becomes the next American Idol. They freely belt out the lyrics like a true superstar. The singers may look and sound ridiculous, but they are loving it! Often I wish I could sing along while listening to my ipod. It feels great! Sing on street performers and give my regards to Broadway!

Chris Newfield said...

no Mira don't do it. it may feel good to sing with your iPod but it doesn't sound good . . . Breanne - nice remembering of the exact phrases people actually use. a really good skill for writers . .