Thursday, November 16, 2006

frightening weekend

Last weekend I was on my way to pick-up my friend at her apt to go to a party, when her boyfriend called and said something was really, really wrong. So my roommates and I rushed over to her apt, and found her unable to breathe on the couch. Me and her boyfriend took turns performing CPR to make sure didn't stop breathing. He told us they had been smoking pot, so we decided it was likely laced with something a lot more dangerous. I called 911 and the rescue team got there pretty quickly. They were all really rude to us the entire time though. At first they just thought my friend was hyperventilating and didn't need to go to the hospital, but we all thought it was more serious than just hyperventilation. Ultimately they put her in the ambulance and she started freaking out, which made us even more convinced that the weed was laced.
My friend is fine now; but this whole experience was rather terrifying, and made the IV drug scene look a lot more dangerous than I ever thought it was.

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