Thursday, November 16, 2006

Arrests, Disappearances, and Cheesy Pick Up Lines

Debauchery in Isla Vista, hard to avoid at any cost. Friday night not only did a friend of mine get arrested (while dressed in tiny blue shorts with the rest of his body painted yellow) but many other interesting things happenned as well. At a party, where the main attraction was watching a beer pong tournament, basically a competition to see who can get the drunkest and still have good enough aim to make ping pong ball into a red party cup, thus forcing one's opponent to drink more beer, I was having a conversation with three of my roommates when all of a sudden, one was missing. Not very concerned I looked around and noticed that she had joined into a conversation with a young man who lives at the house. I didn't think very much of it and continued on in my conversation only to look up again a few minutes later just in time to see her disappear into his bedroom. Later that night she strolled home alone. Using the observation inference technique we've learned in class I can safely infer all that went on that night. Saturday went much the same, being my friendly and social self I decided to meet people at the birthday party I went to and was able to discover why males at UCSB have the stereotype they do. A young man approached me, wearing an atrociously bright hot pink shirt, and said "'d you break your wrist?" To which I honestly responded, "o, playing intramural indoor was a bummer." His response consisted of quickly making eye contact with me, looking me up and down, grinning, and then replying "sooo, you're a soccer player..." I am not exactly sure what he meant by that, but his actions seemed to say "sweet, i have a thing for soccer players, wanna go to my place?" Along those lines, I was talking with an old friend later at the same party when his roommate came up, completely ignoring my presence, interrupting our conversation, and saying "hey look over there those are the types of chicks i was looking forward to meeting tonight...high five dude" indicating two girls so inebriated that they were drinking bacardi straight out of the bottle and chasing it with tampico from a gallon jug. "Good luck getting those girls home with you man, if they can walk there without falling over then they will most certainly pass out upon arrival...I can tell you are a really good guy," was my response...Needless to say he didn't find it very funny but he did add, out of politeness I am sure, "O, well it was really nice meeting you too."

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Chris Newfield said...

nice detail! except you forgot to say what your inferences actually were!